Agronomy services in Kenya

Reliable Agronomy Services in Kenya and Across East Africa.

Agronomy services are provided to farmers to help them understand the relationship between soil and the crops they grow.

Three examples of Agronomy services in Kenya

1.Pests and disease control methods
2Planting, cultivation and harvesting methods
3Crop production optimization.

It is therefore very crucial for farmers to consider having Agronomy services in their farming if they want to have super results.

The world has become so technical in crop production hence the need to consult an agronomist is very important.

Why do you need an agronomist on your farm today?

During the first step in farming (crop planting), there is a need to consult an agronomist to help you in identifying the following:

1.What type of nutrients the crop need.
2.When and how to apply them.
3. Pesticides to be used.

Reasons to involve agronomy services on your farm.

Developing the best methods of crop production. e.g. crop rotation and pest control

Solving problems with the planting, cultivation, and harvesting of crops. Methods of protecting crops from harmful conditions.
Identifying the varieties of crops to be planted in the farm goes a long way as it translates to farm profitability as the type crop determines the production cost as well as the value at the market.
Where can I get Reliable Agronomy Services in Kenya and Across East Africa?

Reliable Agronomy Services in Kenya and Across East Africa.

There are many companies that offer agronomy services in Kenya. This includes freelance agronomist who charges per visit 

However, Eunidrip Irrigation systems offer the best services. They located in Nakuru town, along Kenyatta Avenue opposite Medicross hospital. We have been in the market for the last 10 years and so we owe our clients (farmers) the best of our services. We sell modern farming products that help the farmers in increasing production.
Modern farming products you will

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