Best drip irrigation system

Best drip irrigation system

The drip irrigation system is a type of irrigation that involves delivering water onto the soil at very low rates from small outlets fitted on to a drip tape also known as emitters.

The emitters

The emitters ensure that water is directly delivered to the planted crops. this is done according to the farmer’s specifications or manufacturer specifications. The water drops slowly on the roots of the plants either from above the soil surface or below the soil surface. This is dependent on the placement of the dripline.

Different emitters have different flow rates (amount of water it discharges per hour). This is what guides an irrigation engineer on the size of the mainline to use when doing a specific design.

The flow rate also dictates the time needed to irrigate a specific size of a farm.

Combination of materials

There is a specific combination of equipments. These items are put together to make sure that water is supplied to the plants such that only part of the soil is wetted. This is unlike other types of irrigation systems that involve wetting the entire part of the soil parts.

The drip tapes on a system distribute water through a network of valves, pipes tubing’s and emitters which work in a well-articulated scientific model to offer high efficiency in power use and water economy

The main purpose of the best irrigation system is to offer a farmer with the best possible economical water use while also keeping pumping cost low.

Benefits of best drip irrigation system

  1. The drip irrigation system is the most efficient method of irrigation. Through emitters, water is directly delivered to the plant root zone hence economical on water usage.
  2. In the best drip irrigation system, there is a constant benefit of water supply in small quantities to the plants. This creates an ideal moist condition for proper growth of most plants.
  3. The best drip irrigation system minimizes weed growth since water is only supplied to a particular crop root.
  4. The best drip irrigation system helps in the control of fungal diseases which grow very fast under moist conditions.
  5. Timeliness and labor-saving. In the best drip irrigation system, the control valves can be managed by one personnel. One person operates the whole system thus minimizing the labor costs. This minimizes production cost.
  6. Ease in fertilizer application. , method of liquid fertilizer application (fertigation )is very easy and fast. Since water emitters are used to directly distribute fertilizers to particular crop/plants.

Basic Materials

The materials needed for the installation are just basic piping equipment. These materials include HDPE pipes, none return valves water filters, ball valves air release valves, elbows, ninety degrees tees forty-five degrees tees, Drip tapes, drip fittings and any other relevant types of equipment.


recommended Pipe

The most recommended pipe for this job is the HDPE pipe.

1. It has minimum damage chances.

2.It has minimum internal roughness,( hence minimizing frictional loss )more accurate internal diameter( hence high accuracy on design)

3. It is important to consult a recognized organization like Eunidrip irrigation systems to offer you the right information about the best drip irrigation system as small errors in a system may lead to the high cost of maintenance and daily cost of running.

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