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Micro irrigation supplies

Micro sprinklers are emitters which spray water out to larger diameters than typical drippers or spray jets.

Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse construction in Kenya has been a lucrative business though many farmers make minor mistakes which can be corrected

Ponds and Dam Construction

Eunidripirrigationsystems is a reputable company that takes care of all pond and dam construction needs right from dam design,dam registration and construction.

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100 Meter Rain Gun Price in Kenya

Gun Sprinkler

Eunidrip irrigation systems stocks impact rain gun sprinkler of different sizes ranging from one inch(1”) to two and a half- inches(21/2”)



Water harvesting is among farm investments that cannot be ignored. There are various methods of storing harvested water this 

Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouses have proven an effective alternative to increase productivity for both small scale and large scale 

Drip Irrigation System

Gun Sprinkler

Have you noticed the global climate change? Of course, you have. Everybody has noticed the drought conditions, water shortages, 


Irrigation HDPE pipes for sale in Kenya are considered, be the best choice for irrigation on the various project due to its high quality and reliability.

Need help in choosing the right irrigation system?

There is a specific combination of equipment. These items are put together to make sure that water is supplied to the plants such that only part of the soil is wetted. This is unlike other types of irrigation systems that involve wetting the entire part of the soil parts.

The drip tapes on a system distribute water through a network of valves, pipes tubings and emitters which work in a well-articulated scientific model to offer high efficiency in power use and water economy

The main purpose of the best irrigation system is to offer a farmer with the best possible economical water use while also keeping pumping cost low.

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Eunidrip irrigation systems started in March 2014 with main objective of addressing sustainability in food security, poverty and financial instability in order to become leading irrigation equipment supplier in Kenya.

Season after season, we have worked side-by-side with both small and large corporate plantations to provide the right irrigation solutions  as a leading Irrigation Equipment Supplier

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