Ponds and Dam Construction


Water harvesting is among farm investments that cannot be ignored. There are various methods of storing harvested water this methods include water pans,ponds and dams. Dam construction is an engineering process that requires expertise and attention to details.

Without proper procedure being followed pond and dam construction poses a serious risk to the people around it and also the owner apart from legal implications that may come with poor workmanship,the environmental risk is unimaginable.

Eunidripirrigationsystems is a reputable company that takes care of all pond and dam construction needs right from dam design,dam registration and construction.

There are various factors which guide good and safe dam and pond construction which include simple details that should be observed during desighn like understanding the nature of soil, ground gradient,overflow spillway, catchment area and silt management.Ist’s also important to get the right equipment during construction so as to save on construction cost. Right equipment for dam and pond construction will deliver good results timely and effectively.