How to make agricultural orders online

How to make order online has been of great impact  due to increase of technological ideas hence farmers have also

embraced the same technique to request and place their orders for the agricultural equipment. Though the technology has advanced, some farmers have no idea on how to place for orders online therefore forcing them to physically appear at the shop thus time consuming and non economical.


Through online shopping one can conveniently and comfortably buy goods and services at his/her comfortable time either at daytime or at night since there are no lines to wait in or shop assistants to wait on to help you with your purchases, and you can do your shopping in minutes.

Price comparisons.

The reviews and comments from other online shoppers can help you compare and to research on particular products. Thus enabling sharing of the information and reviews with those who have encountered the same experience with the retailer or the product.

No crowds.

On how to make order online of  of items or goods has  made it more comfortable and relieving from challenges like spread of contact diseases, chaotic crowds, parking spaces and annoying retailers mostly during eve hours like festive seasons. Through online ordering of items one can be saved from these nuisances.

No travelling.

For those who are living far away from towns or far from the availability of the items to be ordered, the transport costs are normally cut since there is no travelling expense incurred to the shops or show rooms. Even though the shipping cost (cost charged to ferry the item) is incurred, the transport cost would have cost more as compared to the shipping cost.

Ease of gifting. 

Sending gifts to relatives and friends is easy, no matter where they are. Occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Farmer’s Day, e.t.c can be easily be graced with gifts without need of travelling .

Very safe from frauds.

For instance, some retailers normally formalize their payments after the delivery of items thus enabling the purchaser to check on the product and confirm if it is exact item ordered as per the order. This reduces the chances of conning and frauds.

Item safety.

The retailers normally ensure their delivery methods are excellent and convenient to their customers. Through this sound delivery methods, the items normally reach the owners at their good and safe conditions

How to order the items online

  • Considering the retailer or the warehouse from which you have chosen to buy your item from after your online research, click onto their links (blue or green writings leading you to their online shop or warehouse)
  • After reaching on their site, go to item category as for the Eunidrip Irrigation Systems, go to new product, general products, featured products, fast sale product or top products categories to select on your items.
  • Click on the item and allow it to load to fetch more information about the product like sizes for pipe and fitting items or percentages for shade nets or insect nets and gauges for dam or pond liners and greenhouse sheeting films.
  • Choose the correct item size, percentage or the gauges as per your recommendations
  • On choosing the class or grades of item required, click the buy button to add into cart( cart is like online shopping basket or trolley)
  • From the cart you can see the items ordered and one can firm the items before ordering.
  • Upon assessing that your items are exact as the ordered, click the order or pay link and follow the payment method either using M-pesa, Visa Cards, PayPal and any other means of  payment method accepted by the seller
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