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Cost of Green House in Kenya

Cost Of greenhouse in Kenya

The cost of a greenhouse in Kenya is a question that may not have a specific answer. However, it may be answered differently by different industry players.

This business is among the new trends in both agriculture and business. This a venture that comes without its fair share of challenges.

One of many challenges is costing. With a high return on investment expectations, sometimes greenhouse farmers tend to pay more per meter square than what could give them real value. This is also a phenomenon that is common with first-time greenhouse farmers in Kenya.

Let us now have look at the approximate cost of greenhouse construction in Kenya. For small scale farmers, standard greenhouse measures eight by thirty meters ( 8*30mtrs)

cost variance

The cost of construction will vary depending on the following factors
1. Type of crop to be planted in the greenhouse. Some crops are delicate than others.the more delicate the crop the more care it requires and hence more equipment is needed to keep specific conditions accurate.
Regulations and accuracy required within the greenhouse go along way in determining the cost of greenhouse in Kenya.
Type of the material.

The locality where the greenhouse is to be constructed also brings a difference in cost. This is brought about by the difference in the cost of labor in different localities during greenhouse construction.

Labour as a determinant of the cost of greenhouse construction in Kenya

Labour is a major factor in the construction industry the majority of greenhouse construction in Kenya is not mechanized. Therefore it is important to understand the local community labor dynamics and make a decision on whether to get labor from a different locality or pre-negotiate before the beginning of the greenhouse construction.
The actual cost of a greenhouse can be availed for free by a competent contractor like Eunidrip irrigation systems who are conversant with the Kenyan market and its dynamics

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