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Eunidrip irrigation systems is one of the biggest irrigation equipment suppliers. We deal with irrigation equipment. They include a drip system, overhead irrigation systems, and flooding irrigation systems.

The drip system involves the provision of water below the plant stem. The overhead irrigation system involves the provision of water above the crop leaves.

As irrigation equipment suppliers, we identify customer needs. Climatic factors, agricultural market demand, and supply, the soil factors. These are major determinants to consider before buying equipment from irrigation equipment suppliers.

Areas of  specialization

Under the drip irrigation supplier, we deal with an entire drip system which involves main pipes, sub-main lines, drippers (button drippers, arrow drippers and drip tapes of various pressure nominal), filtration units (disc and screen filters) control valves and the water tanks

On overhead irrigation, equipment supplies, we are proud to be on top of the list. We stock various overhead irrigation equipment, which includes misters (G misters), medium size (three-quarter to one-inch sprinklers). Large sprinklers like rain guns and reel hose are also our area of specialty.

eunidrip gun sprinkler

Gun sprinkler


micro irrigation supplies

Micro sprinklers are emitters which spray water out to larger diameters than typical drippers or spray jets. While the spray pattern is usually 360 degrees, at least one type is available with an adjustable arc between 30 and 330 degrees

The choice of micro-sprinklers depends on the size of the pumping unit. water availability, type of the soil, type and the plant to be grown. The size of the farm is also a factor. Big farms above an acre require the use of rain guns. Rain guns cover a larger radius of at least 25 meters.

Main pipes and sub-main lines

Main pipes are the pipes that draw water from the source either from lakes, streams, dams or water tanks. As one of the irrigation suppliers, we stock various pipes of high-density polyethylene pipes, HDPE, of various diameters ranging from 16 millimeters to 63 millimeters. Our main lines and sub-main lines are of pressure nominal, PN, of 6. This ensures easy workability.



Button dripper emitter

The most common emitter is a dripper or button dripper, and emits water at a specific rate, usually between 1 liter and 2 liters per hour (l.p.h). Drippers are commonly used to water individual plants, and most drippers are color-coded so the user can easily identify the different flow rates.

Cleanable drippers have a removable cap to allow the user to remove small obstructions within the dripper. A dripper that is not cleanable would need to be replaced if it becomes clogged.

Pressure compensating drippers deliver a precise amount of water regardless of changes in pressure due to long tubing runs or changes in terrain elevations.

HDPE fittings

Eunidrip as the major irrigation equipment suppliers, we stock and supply various sizes of HDPE fittings of all sizes ranging from drip fittings which are drip connectors of 16millimeters, drip end caps, starters and drip takeoffs of all 16 millimeters, HDPE fittings of 32 millimeters to 63 millimeters of high-pressure nominal above PN 16. The available fittings include;

  1. Male couplings i.e. with external threads of 16millimeters to 63 millimeters
  2. Female couplings i.e. with internal threads of16millimeters to 63 millimeter
  3. Middle connectors of 16millimeters to 63 millimeter
  4. Reducing coupling of all sizes
  5. P e elbows of all sizes from 16mm to 63 mm
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