take offs as an irrigation tool

Takeoffs as an irrigation equipment

takeoffs as irrigation equipment is a plastic fitting that connects the main pipe with a dripping tap  They come in different sizes, but most common are 8mm(eight-millimeter),12mm(twelve millimeters) and 16mm (millimeter).

Currently, 16mm (millimeter) takeoff is the most common in the market and most preferred by most farmers. This comes into question because most supplied drip tape/drip lines come with an internal diameter of 16 mm.


Takeoffs come in different designs and colors. Most takeoffs are complete with black or may have a blue lock or yellow color. Standard takeoff can sustain a working pressure of up to 16 bars. Most of the systems of irrigation work best at a pressure of three bars and below.

The working pressure of the takeoffs is very critical since it determines the type of drip line to be used. The high working pressure of the takeoff requires a pressure compensated drip line rather than an uncompensated pressured drip line.

Takeoffs are commonly used with competent irrigation equipment like drip start connectors grommet rubbers and the pipe punches. Pipe punch is used to make holes on sub-main lines. For the takeoffs to be correctly installed with little or no leakages, the grommet rubbers of different diameters are installed before takeoffs to seal the drilled holes in the sub mainline.

Uses of takeoffs as irrigation equipment

  • It is used to connect the drip line/drip tape to the main pipe.
  • Used to connect polyethylene of 16 mm together with drip start connector to the mainline.


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