Irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya

In the recent past, the weather has been unpredictable and many farmers have ended up incurring loses especially when the dry season prolongs unexpectedly. When a plant lacks enough precipitation, stored soil moisture in the root zone, irrigation is very vital. These variations in weather conditions have led to the introduction of other options of watering crops and emerge of irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya.

How to get the best irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya

  • Research on how long the irrigation equipment supplier has been in the market. Those that have been in the market for a longer period show consistency as compared to ones that are in the market for a shorter period.
  • Quality– There are many irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya. It is therefore, a challenge to decide on which supplier to trust. However, it would be wise if you go for the irrigation equipment with high-quality irrigation equipment. This means that your money will not drain into waste purchasing the same irrigation equipment all the time.

Products sold by Irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya.

Irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya offer a variety of irrigation equipment. Examples of this equipment include hoses and impact rotors, sprinklers, valves, drip lines pipes, controllers and drip emitters.

Types of irrigation systems recommended by irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya.

  1.     Drip irrigation. With this type of irrigation, water and nutrients are maximally saved by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants either from above the soil surface or buried below the surface. The equipment used for drip irrigation is Filter unit, HDPE pipe, Drip fittings, Gate valves to partition the farm into portions, Drip pipes(16mm but the roll depends on the size of the farm). This type of irrigation can be favorable to crops like onions, watermelons, spinach, sukumawiki and cabbages.
  2.    Sprinkler irrigation.
  3. Irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya this irrigation system because it’s more efficient to use. Also, water is evenly distributed across crops avoiding water wastage. W

Where to get the best irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya.

It is always the goal of every farmer to see the value of money from the purchase of irrigation equipment that he does. Therefore prior research on the irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya is very crucial. One of the highly recommended irrigation equipment suppliers in Kenya is the Eunidrip irrigation system company. This company has been in the market for the past 10 years to address sustainability in food security to both small and large scale farmers, through supplying of irrigation equipment and it is highly ranked in selling the best irrigation equipment. With the reviews and referrals made shows satisfied customers who always come back.

Why choose Eunidrip irrigation systems as your irrigation equipment supplier in Kenya?

  • Drip irrigations
  • We offer high-quality irrigation equipment for drip farming. We walk with the farmer right from installation until the harvesting. We ensure our clients get the best after-sales services from us.
  • Borehole drillings
  • With the experience in drilling of boreholes, we do it with a lot of expertise to maintain a long-lasting supply of water. Together with the irrigation equipment we supply, we make it a more efficient water supply.
  • Greenhouse constructions-
  • We construct greenhouses of your choice, either locally made or imported. All greenhouse products and installation is efficiently done by us.
  • Irrigation solutions
  • We advise our clients the type of irrigation equipment to use help them boost their crop production

How can you reach Eunidrip Irrigation Systems?

Very simple, visit our website or our online shop to make orders. Also, we have an official phone number……….


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